UCI Line array tuning description updated – SIM data added

I finally got the time to sort through the SIM traces from the UCI line array tuning. The SIM data is now present in the UCI seminar post located here

This took a long time but it is actually some of the clearest data I have had a chance to put together. 99% of the time we get going tuning and some of the data does not get stored  – or there are just not enough clear steps to tell the story. This is a very good record of the process – the good, the bad and the ugly.


  1. Hi Bob,

    we have a typical german sunday afternoon with a lot of rain when I found your excellent documentation of your measurement rig during the UCI SIM seminar.
    Reading such this blog always hits me to control myself thinking about my future measurements. So next week I have to tune an outdoor rig which was designed by myself and I start to check all my angles and setup with CAD and Mapp again.
    Thank you for your inspiration!

    Best regards, Michael

    • Thanks for your comment Michael. I will be coming to your country in the fall. We will do a seminar in Berlin Oct 18-21. If you happen to be in the area I would love to meet you.

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