Past Seminars

This page is for discussions, comments, photos, etc.,  of past seminars. If you have attended one and have a photo please send it to me. If you can help identify people on any of these photos, that would be helpful to me and the CIA.  If you have any comments about any ones that you have attended please post them here. There are SO MANY seminars over the years, ans SO MANY memeories and I have SO FEW pictures. Here is what I have to date. 

Madrid 2009

This was a great seminar in Madrid. It was hosted by Meyer Sound Espana. Mauricio Ramirez and Ana Lorente did the spanish translation for me. That was very special for me because he was the translator of my blue book and she was the translator of my green book. Nico Suarez drove me every day as well as David Lorente. I enjoyed a great bottle of Russian vodka from Igor and ???  See I need help!!! If you are in this picture, let me know. 

Montabaur, Germany in November 2008

 Even though I had been treaching  this for 21 years, this was my first SIM school on the European continent.  Early on in SIM development we divided the world  and I took Asia, Australia and North America, while others took Europe and South America. Finally I asked to please have a chance to teach in Europe and this was the start. It was a great bunch of very smart engineers. The class was very stimulating for me. Then after the class we went to Amsterdam and that was very stimulating too! Stephan Kruppa provided the support for me and kept everyone awake. 

I can see Nathan Lively, Vladimir and lots of faces/voices but I need help with names….. 

2008 London Seminar

 This was my first time back to London to do a seminar since ……….. about 1991 maybe?  A very fun and diverse group. I am always honored that people come at all, but especially when they travel long distances such as Bassem Fahmy who came from Cairo and others from Europe. Georgia came all the way from Greece (actually shelives in London, but I was happy she came). 


1999 School with GERRAUDIO in Toronto

 This is the oldest electronic pic I have. Bernie, Andrew Hope, Shawn Hines, Len Dalman. Where is  Scott Forbes? 

New York City 2005  with Richard Bugg, Tom Young, Dave Muddiman, Andrew came all the way from Lagos and ……….

Dallas in December 2005

It was fun to come back to Dallas in 2005 after have moved away in 1981. One thing that made this school special was Mike Ponczek (center with the vest). He was the monitor engineer on my first day of work in touring professional audio: The O’jays in 1978, with Showco. Dave Muddiman and Rudy Dolinsky (repeat offenders) were there as well as Josh (then with WJHW, now with Harman). This is also where I met Matt Quick, an audio professor from South Plains College in Levelland Texas where they have three programs in sound technology.

Chicago 2005 at the Willow Creek Community Church

The first days of this school were spent in a small acoustically wonderful (parallel cinder-block walls) space. Then on the last day we moved out into the sanctuary. It is slightly larger (holds 7500 people).

Training in optimization with video projection in the sanctuary at Willow creek

Having the class in a big performance space is a huge advantage. The data matches what we will more likely see in the field and we can place the mics in realistic positions.

Mics placed for tuning in the sanctuary

Must be something good on the video because NOBODY is paying attention to ME!

Chicago 2005 Willow Creek with Dr. Don Pearson

This was the class at Willow Creek. We were joined by Dr. Don Pearson, an inspiring figure in the sound system optimization family, who passed away much too  soon and suddenly. Also pictured is John S and David G from Meyer and George from Swank AV in StL. One of the things I learned in this class was to be careful about where I make my accordion jokes. Some of the guys were from Wisconsin, where they take polka seriously…………..seriously.