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Oh yeah. That would be me. A month on the road teaching and tuning. Great fun. Lots of new data. Lots of new people. Totally wiped out and exhausted. And piles of things on the “to-do” list. Some of them life necessities, like surgery for my wife, some of them luxuriens like a brand new puppy,  the Indy 500, and some of them even are PAYING work – imagine that!  All of that said, my poor blog sits unattended. My apologies. I have not run out of things to say – no such luck!  As soon as I clear my plate……………. I’ll be back.



  1. hurry up 606! i’m bored
    are you at infocomm?

  2. David Lorente says

    We are all waiting!!!

    Hope your wife’s surgery goes perfect… give her the best wishes from me and my sister.


  3. Hi 606,

    Great to see you again, and share your Blog with me, it is much more easy for me to catch up with you! Wish all the best with you and your wife…

    Looking forward to see you again in Aug 😀


    • Frieda,
      It was great to see you as well during my visit to Macau. It will be fun to get back to Hong Kong this summer. I want to go back to that really good fish resaurant!

  4. The Schwenkenator says

    Give our best regards to Merridith!

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