If you have ever tuned a sound system – watch this video – 3 min.

This is a highly informative  – and realistic – short video on the how a system optimization engineer and FOH engineer relate in their job roles.

We have Bennet Prescott to thank for this. I only wish I had done it myself.


  1. I like the Buford Jones reference!

  2. Very, very, very good!!! Cool! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great work..I shared it with everyone. Loved it.

  4. Well, now I really am famous! Of course, Bob and I go way back, as proved by this video I made while on vacation:

  5. I love that:)

  6. Hermes Carreño says

    Excellent analogy and funny! jeje

  7. Was very interested in watching this, but the link did not work

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