Some updates and future topics

I added some graphics to the discussion on Cardioid subwoofers, and ABC of line array tuning. I should have some graphics up for the coherence discussion later this week. I am also in the middle of an old war story. 

I was thinking about a few future topics to meander on about:

1) Why I don’t use the impulse response to set the timing for subwoofers

2) The emotional baggage of equalization

3) what topics I cover in my seminars

Whenever I am away from my computer I think of great topics then………………poof

Any suggestion?


  1. Well, sounds exciting.

    In the Impulse response / subwoofers, maybe you can tell something about de Linear IR, Logaritmic IR and the ETC… I only understand about Linear IR, and is quite difficult to find some good information about this…


  2. If i could have one or two wishes to be fullfiled i would start with #1 (the subs) and then take #2 (the emotional )as a starter.
    And thanks for your effort starting this blog to get in touch with your readers to share your wisdom, thats great.

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