Macau COD Tuning: Day 3 (work in progress)

 Note: I have completed day 5 at the time of this writing – I am posting this work in progrees so that the posts will come out in the right order – I will fill this one in ASAP

The #1 goal for today was to get 1/4th of the room operational for so that Pierre could get initial Constellation data. Constellation needs to gather data, and then go off line crunch a lot of numbers. If we can get Pierre started, then he makes progress – quietly, while we continue making progress noisily.

As often happens, once Pierre got into the physical space, he revised the room division strategy for Constellation. Not a big thing, but we would need to expand our quantity of speakers. As it turned out, it was close to the end of the session when we had everything in place, but no one had lost any time.

One of the interesting findings was in the horn-orientation of the UP-Juniors. These boxes have a “Vari-O” horn, which can be turned 80×50 or so, one direction or the other. They had been specified as 50 vert and 80 hor – when  the cabinets were lying on their sides. (the opposite of the standard config.) Paperwork suggests that the units were special ordered this way – so either they were never turned at the factory – or they got turned twice. One of the great things about an install that has had around a year of delays is no-one can remember and the folks who put them in have gone to the old-folks home.  In any case we became suspicious when we were verifying the cabinets – verificiation is done by moving the mic along a line to each sequential speaker. they should matct. In this case a few inches closer or further made a big diff in the horn range, which we were measuring near its bottom edge…..hmmm , very touchy. I raised the prospect that ONE of the cabs might be turned wrong – turns out they ALL were. That kept folks busy for a while as we moved on to other things

Day 3 – work in progress – more soon

UPJ horns tilt

merge upper surr

lower surr 1

lower surr 2

adds to clust


  1. Hi Bob,
    This is Andrew Adesina from Lagos Nigeria. I just want to again say a very big thank you for the rich in-depth information you passed across to me and my colleagues from Lagos and other attendees at the just concluded SIM3 seminar in Berkeley. And thanks to MEYER SOUND for putting the seminar up. We are very grateful. I want you to know that I’m a man that is given to learning because I believe that learning is living. When a man stops to learn, he starts to die. This tells the reason I keep coming to your seminar class, and each time I’ve come there is always new things to learn. Please don’t be tired to teach me because I can never get tired of learning from you. You are a great man and your humility sometimes baffles me. You are my role model, you are my mentor. Thank you.

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