And you think you have it rough!

So you wish you had some better tools. Geez, why do I have to carry this rack full of test gear around. I wish we could just reduce it down to half the size.

And then we did.

Well I just wish we could get it down to where it was just a card in my PC.


How about on the laptop?


If only I could just get an FFT Analyzer as an I-Phone app.

Mission accomplished – expensive though – who would want to pay $20 for a FFT analyzer?


Face it- we are hopelessly spoiled. It may help your perspective to consider for a moment the challenges of those before us. LONG before us, in the field of acoustic measurement and system analysis – like folks that used stone knives and bear skins to set their delay lines.

Take a look at this simple setup and you will see how easy we have it. This will get you a screen grab of a waveform. Easy eh?

Want to do a system tuning?  This should help.

Now take a look at the tools below . What do you think they are? What will they do? Any guesses?  I would love to hear them. 

I have some interesting historical books on this subject and thought it might be fun to take a look at some of these old tools. I have a tuning trip tomorrow ( I will have to remember to bring my forks) but then I will start to describe what the happened in the land before time (alignment)

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